A star-studded night at The Pure Package Health & Wellness BAFTA awards!

Lifestyle | 12th October 2016 | By

I’ve always been a little bit intrigued about what it might be like attending a red carpet BAFTAS award event, so when my shiny Pure Package invitation arrived on my doormat for the first ever UK Health and Wellness BAFTAS awards, I couldn’t contain my squeal of excitement!

What a star-studded and inspirational evening! Its both wonderful and refreshing to see so many people embracing the importance of caring for your mind and body, from bloggers to major established sports players, for their work to be honoured and recognised in this way is fantastic.

I had such a fun night, meeting with countless great and inspiring people including the well-known health blogger Madeline Shaw, and the gorgeous and talented Gok Wang (who also happens to be one hell of a DJ!) A great chance for me to spread the word about my mission at The Flirty Fork as well.

Thank you so much to The Pure Package, for putting on such a vibrant and exciting event, and for the wonderful goody bag too! And to the talented photographer Rebecca Brooker, who managed to capture the evening so well. Feeling a very lucky girl right now!

Photo credits: www.rebeccabrookerphotography.com


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