My Philosophy

I’m a lover of great wine and food, and passionate for finding new exciting ways of combining flavours and pairings.

France has a culture that accepts the importance of natural, seasonal, locally sourced foods and good home cooking as the building blocks of a good life. They have a close relationship with their food, intertwined with the culture of markets, which are a chance to interact with food and its producers. They smell it, talk about it, and ask where it has come from. Food has a place in the community. I think this is so important.

My food adventure started in London, graduating from Leith’s School and Wine and having spent some time afterwards working for the BBC Good Food magazine team and The Pure Package.

I’m currently based in the city of Bordeaux, boasting a rich wine history, picturesque châteaux and gastronomic epicentre. I’m spoilt for inspirational choice with a plethora of fresh produce and fine wines, which I hope to share with you.

I hope you love this blog almost as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.