Recipe Testing at Delicious Magazine!

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When my alarm went off that morning, stomach rumbling, I knew I would have an exciting day ahead of me recipe testing at the UK’s best-loved food publication, Delicious Magazine. Nestled a stones throw from London’s illustrious Borough Market, their busy team operate from a characterful and large open plan office (and previous hops factory) they also as no surprise have one of the best-stocked kitchen’s I’ve had the pleasure to work in. I was itching to get my apron on and get stuck in!

With their glossy articles, and approachable recipes, it’s easy to forget all the hard work that goes behind getting the magazine so effortlessly seamless. The team are constantly tasting, re-writing and trial running recipes to make sure they are perfect enough for their avid readers. The stakes were high!

Contrary to regular cooking, recipe testing requires a real focus to detail, paying particular attention to preparation time, oven temperature, ingredients and method. It also requires various run-throughs and tweaks to get the recipe just perfect, looking and tasting, well, Delicious before print! Slice the potatoes too thickly and they won’t come out golden and fluffy as the recipe suggests, or require more time in the fan oven. Add too little rum and you’re mounted cream will flop in protest, which of course would be a disaster for their readers. The experience really took me back to the basics of cooking, and how important accuracy is for recipe writing.

I had a wonderful, intense day, in the kitchens getting things just right and I’m looking forward to trying out the recipe’s at home! Watch this space..

Preparing the salted cod


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