Harvest Tour of the Grand Cru Trocard wineries

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I was delighted to be received for the rare opportunity of a harvest tour of the Jean Louis Trocard winery estate, welcomed and lead by the 15th family generation owner and winemaker Benoit Trocard last October 2019.

What an incredible experience to see the grapes pressed and refined, the first of many steps in the wine making process. And quelle joie to taste the unfermented results! Trocard wines are famed for their fruitful expression and easy drinkability. The fine balance between fruit acid and ripe tannins, typical of the terroir, make for an exc

ellent and versatile wine for pairing with food or even enjoying solo.

The estate itself typifies tradition and heritage. We were fortunate enough to sneak-a-peak into the family wine cave- a barred treasure trove of rare and sacred vintages reserved only for special family occasions such as weddings.

Every vintage tells a story. The act of opening a bottle may recall a time long since forgotten, like history revisited. This is what I love about wine, its ability to unite and open conversation. You could almost smell the history in the walls, the passion of winemaking handed down through generations.

Our next stop was the prestigious Saint Emilion grand cru estate, Clos Dubreuil. At the top of the plateau, on a large slope the views are simply spectacular with picturesque views of the village steeple in the distance. The vineyards are meticulously planted to a high density (7000 feet per ha) to ensure intensity in the grape aromas. Grapes are hand harvested. On a fine day you may spot the estate mascot, Yuni the horse ploughing the area. His presence is delightful nod to tradition and conserving the local environment.

Such visits enable us to select the finest, gem wines.


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